Popular actor Harshad Chopra is a big time foodie and loves to spend time in the kitchen to prepare healthy food…

As we know that our TV celebs are very much conscious about their physique, but they never miss a chance to have lots and lots of food whenever they get a chance. Our Telly celebs love to be known as a foodie. One such big time food lover is television’s heartthrob Harshad Chopra who is currently seen essaying the character of Sahir in Sony TV’s popular show Humsafars.

Let’s see what Harshad has to share regarding his love for food.

Are you a foodie?

Yes, I am a big time foodie.

Which is your most preferred cuisine?

If I am going out then I would love to have Italian and Thai food. Apart from these, I also love to have Indian food a lot. I love to experiment with food and making it healthier.

Your favorite mouth-watering dish?

I love to have Bhindi Ki Sabzi that my Mom used to make and I love Bhindi Ki Sabzi made my Achchu (My sister). She cooks exactly like my Mom used to make. I can’t eat Bhindi Ki Sabzi anywhere else, not even in any restaurant. I also love having sweets; it makes me melt faster like an ice-cream if I get to see sweets in front of me (laughs).

Which restaurant do you prefer the most?

I don’t like to go out to have food. I prefer to eat homemade food.

Do you like spending time in the kitchen?

Yes I like to spend time in the kitchen. When I wasn’t working, I used to get into the kitchen and prepare breakfast by spending an hour or more than an hour time in the kitchen. Then I again used to take a lot of time to prepare lunch and evening snacks. I make very good Paneer Bhurji and everyone at my home likes it.

Your most memorable kitchen moment, be it happy or a disastrous one?

Once Achchu and I were cooking on a Sunday and we both were wearing pink T-shirts. We were cutting onions and our hands were moving in a similar pattern. We were standing in a similar way. Our pictures were clicked and we found that it was like two identical people in a same identical way and Shadow was standing there looking at us.

Which is your favorite quick cheap healthy meal?

I don’t know to cook anything quickly. I cook only when I have some time. If I will have to have a quick cheap healthy meal, then I will prefer having my Protein Shake. I can make healthy food but not quickly.

If you would get an opportunity to go on a dinner date with any celebrity then who would it be?

If I would get an opportunity to sit and talk with any celebrity then I would like to talk with Salman Khan.