Parichay Sharma shares his likes and dislikes related to food with us.

As we know that our TV celebs are very much conscious about their physique, but they never miss a chance to have lots and lots of food whenever they get a chance. Our Telly celebs love to be known as a foodie. Here is the popular actor Parichay Sharma who was last seen in Zee TV’s show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya.

Let’s see what are Parichay’s likes and dislikes…

Are you a foodie?

Yes I am a big time foodie.

Which is your most preferred cuisine?
Mughlai cuisine.

Your favorite mouth-watering dish?

Butter Chicken

Which restaurant do you prefer the most?

The Dhaba

Do you like spending time in the kitchen?

No, I am worst I am in the kitchen.

What is your most memorable kitchen moment, be it happy or a disastrous one?

Once I made a cup of tea for my friend and I ended up making a disaster.

Which is your favorite quick cheap healthy meal?