Sagarika moves out from the hotel after getting upset with Bunty and is troubled by some goons on her way in Hum Hain Na.

The newlywed couple Bunty and Sagarika are enjoying their honeymoon in DJ’s popular show Hum Hain Na on Sony TV.

Now as the couple is happy after getting married to each other and have come to Mumbai for their honeymoon but now troubles are all set to knock the doors in their lives.

We heard from our source that, “Sagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee) will become upset and will leave the hotel and go to another hotel to stay unaware of the fact that troubles are on her way to trap her. Some goons will block her way, tease and pass comments on her. Following her, Bunty (Kanwar Dhillon) reaches there and saves Sagarika from the goons.”

“Soon the police reaches at the spot after knowing about the illegal acts going on in the hotel where Sagarika had been staying,” adds our source.

Will Bunty and Sagarika get caught? The upcoming episodes of the show will unfold the answer to this question.

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