The love story of Bunty (Kanwar Dhillon) and Sagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee) is yet to see its full color in Sony TV’s Hum Hain Na.

The show by DJ’s A Creative Unit presents the life of Bunty, who stays in Banaras with his family and is the favourite of villagers. Bunty’s eyes have now found his perfect mate in Sagarika, but situations have been causing a barrier for them to unite.

Now Bunty will face the biggest task in his life as he would gear up to meet Sagarika’s dad (Ashiesh Roy). And this would prove to be a shockingly memorable moment for both.

Shares a source, “Bunty will be on his bike thinking about Sagarika when he would suddenly crash it on Sagarika’s father’s car. This would lead to a major altercation between the two.”

Her father will accuse Bunty of being a miscreant and fighting unnecessary with him. He would also tell Bunty on being disrespectful towards elders.

Bunty would be shocked by this allegations and try hard to cool him down but to no result.

Will this meeting cause hindrance in Bunty and Sagarika’s love story?

We tried calling Kanwar but he kept busy shooting.