Viewers will see Bunty pleasing Sagarika by gifting her a few western dresses for their honeymoon in Sony TV’s Hum Hain Na.

Up till now we have seen a lot of drama and twist in the tale in Sony TV’s Hum Hain Na. Viewers have seen Bunty (Kanwar Dhillon) and Sagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee) getting married and later, a lot of chaos and discussion on Sagarika’s name getting changed.

Well, in the upcoming episodes, the show will see some cute moments taking place between Sagarika and Bunty as they head towards their honeymoon.

Our source informs, “Finally, viewers will get to see the on screen duo Bunty and Sagarika going on a honeymoon but now where there is Ammaji (Shubhangi Gokhale), some drama has to happen, haina? So now what Ammaji tells Bunty and Sagarika is that she cannot wear any western clothes on their honeymoon. On the contrary, Sagarika wants to wear some modern dress when the couple is out for vacation. Seeing Sagarika upset on this, Bunty makes a plan and brings in few of the western clothes for her and passes on to her through the window so that she can pack them without getting caught.”

Hmm… now this is going to be a good watch totally!

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