B.K. Modi’s Buddha – Rajaon Ka Raja on Zee TV will see Buddha (Himanshu Soni) moving towards the path of Mahaparinirvan (the ultimate Nirvana) this weekend.

The highlight of this weekend’s episode will be the last meal eaten by Buddha, which will be served by Chand.

Chand will offer a special meal to Buddha, which will be sukharmadhav (a dish made of mushroom). As soon as Buddha would take a bite of it, there will be sudden lightning and thunder. The whole atmosphere will change and go pitch-dark. Immediately, Buddha would tell Chand not to give this food to anyone else, and to bury it underground inside the mud. Chand would immediately realize that there is something bad in the food.

Soon after this, Buddha’s health would deteriorate and he would vomit and suffer from stomach pain. Buddha would tell his disciples that he has had his last meal and he is now on the path of mahaparinirvan.

In quick time Buddha would reach Kushinagar and would want to rest under the Saal Van. In his sleeping position, Buddha would share his moments with his disciples, and advise them to speak about the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path. Buddha would also tell Anand to go and tell Mallaraja about Buddha intending to rest under the Saal van, and on Buddha taking his mahaparinirvan on the same night. All his disciples will be sad and disheartened on knowing this.

When contacted, Himanshu Soni said, “It was a very nice scene to shoot. Yes, Buddha will be taking Mahaparinirvan in this week’s episode.”

Watch out for this episode this weekend.