Zee TV‘s show Satarangi Sasuraal will soon gear up with a major twist which will separate one of the most loved couples of television, Vihaan and Aarushi.

Currently, the show was showcasing that the things have got normal amongst all the mothers and Aarushi. But then what will happen that will destroy everything.

The twist will be:

Buaa Maa (Sadiya Siddiqui) doesn’t want Aarushi (Mugdha Chaphekar) to be happy at any cost. Though Bua Maa has planned a honeymoon trip for Aarushi and Vihaan (Ravish Desai), but that’s all to win the confidence of other family members that her behavior towards Aarushi has changed. She is secretly conspiring something to separate Aarushi and Vihaan.

Thus, just before when Aarushi and Vihaan are about to leave, Bua Maa will call Vihaan to the office for some urgent work. On the other hand, Aarushi will get a call after which she will leave from home in hurry. Being tensed about something, she will not notice the girl walking in front of her car and will hit her. As per Bua Maa’s plan, Aarushi will be caught by police and will be taken to jail. And as seen in the promo, Vihaan will try to meet his wife in the jail, but police won’t let him meet.

Will Bua Maa’s conspiracy will separate Vihaan and Aarushi forever?

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