Gulmohar Grand have wrap up its shoot, want to know the reason behind this abrupt end! Read on..

The weekend series, Gulmohar Grand is all set to bid adieu to its ardent viewers by September 13. Yes, the Sunshine Productions’ latest show has shot its last episode today.

Our credible source informs, “It’s a channel’s call to pull the plugs of the show Gulmohar Grand. The channel is working on a new format and strategy where the weekly shows will be continued on weekends and will be seen all 7 days in a week leading this weekend series to go off air.”

Though the show failed to gain popularity amongst Indian television viewers, the show gained no.1 position online across all channel in weekend programming.

Gaurav Chopra loved as Aniruddh in the show commenting on the same says, “It’s an achievement for us to sustain the no.1 position for 2 long months. We were catering our show to a niche audience while it was never meant to be a daily regular show having family drama. And not only online we are no.1 in UK as well where the channel has huge audience so it’s an achievement for us and I am glad to be part of such amazing conceptual show.”

“It is surely a sudden end to the show but then I can promise the viewers with the last two episodes they will get full on entertainment from our side. There will be lot more drama, emotions and romance in the closure episodes,” ends Gaurav.

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