Ye Hai Mohabbatein star Karan Patel, better known as Raman Bhalla, badly needs a break.

There is no doubt that Karan is one hardworking and talented actor. But after working continuously for a year, he now wishes to go on a small vacation.

He shared, “I must have had only eight days off in the last one year. I am bored of the same routine of coming to the sets and getting into my role of Raman. And it’s the same work schedule all day. My life has become very monotonous. I want to take a small break and rejuvenate myself.”

So any plans of moving out from the project and get engaged in other creative pursuit? “No, nothing like that. I just want a small vacation to relax.”

Given a chance, where would you like to go and with whom? “I would like to explore London with my boy gang, who are non actors.”

We wish Karan that your wish is granted!