t was breaking news about Saurabh Tewari Films’ Rangrasiya going for a five year leap in the very near future. Also, we had reported about the major drama coming up with the death of the protagonist Paro (Sanaya Irani).

Well, we now have more on the highpoint and tragedy that will strike Rudra (Ashish Sharma).

To begin with, it will be a joyous moment with Rudra and Paro becoming proud parents of a baby boy. Their happiness will have no boundaries, when tragedy in the form of the wicked Shantanu (Vishal Karwal) will strike them.

The outcome will be a pool of bloodshed and few deaths!!

Yes you heard it right!! In a fierce encounter that will happen, Shantanu will kill Paro, after which the angry young man Rudra will in turn kill Shantanu.

A reliable source tells us that the mighty death sequences with a lot of action, was shot yesterday. After the birth of Rudra and Paro’s kid, Shantanu will make a hurried entry into Rudra’s house to nab Paro. Shantanu whose mission is to kill Paro will eventually succeed when he will fire a bullet that will kill Paro. Soon after this, Rudra will hit back at Shantanu and shoot him too which will end in the bad man’s death. With this, the chapter of Shantanu aka Vishal Karwal will be over.

We hear that after an episode post this drama, is when the leap is expected. Paro and Shantanu’s death sequences will go on air on Tuesday (29 July).

And of course, as reported by us, the death of Paro will facilitate the entry of her look-alike, this one coming from London.

We tried calling Vishal, but he did not answer our calls.

Our attempts to reach Producer Saurabh Tewari were in vain.

Get ready for the heart-wrenching sequences in Rangrasiya.