It’s time for some more drama in Colors’ daily, Thapki Pyaar Ki (SOL & Shoonya Square).

The viewers of the soap opera have already witnessed much of it, but the makers seem to be in no mood stop.

After many failed attempts of Dhruv (Ankit Bathla), to separate Bihaan (Manish Goplani) and Thapki (Jigyasa Singh), the cunning man will take some extreme steps now, we hear.

Initially, Dhruv will try to scare Thapki by stating that he might hurt Bihaan, if she doesn’t agree to come for a date with him.

Our source reveals, “After Thapki’s refusal to go on a date, Dhruv will kidnap Bihaan. Disturbed with Dhruv’s action when Thapki will confront her, he will disclose to Thapki that he indeed kidnapped Bihaan. What will be interesting to witness is that instead of blackmailing Thapki, Dhruv will confess all his mistakes and will try to make amends with the lady.”

Shocked to learn about the change of heart in Dhruv?

Well, we can for sure smell a bigger plan behind the apparent friendship.

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We tried reaching Manish for a comment but he remained busy shooting.