Diandra Soares unknowingly will injure herself while performing a luxury task in tonight’s episode.

Bigg Boss 8 on Colors has come up with a difficult task to make the contestants’ life more and more difficult. As seen in the previous task, inmates in this season are very strong and prepared to play all the tasks with full dedication. This task will turn risky as one of the contestants will be injured.

Diandra Soares will get injured when she will be engrossed in playing the task. She will be so engrossed that she will not realize that she has hurt herself and will come to know it when her arm will start bleeding and howl because of the pain.

So Sushant Divgikar will request Bigg Boss will request to send doctor as it seems to be a serious injury and so the doctor will be sent inside for her aid.

Later Deepshikha Nagpal will utilize a home remedy to reduce Diandra’s pain by applying turmeric as it is said that turmeric is best instant pain reliever and also took some red chillies to ward off the evil.

We hope that Diandra Soares gets instant relief from pain!

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