Minissha and Sukirti blame Gautam for their loss in the task of Bigg Boss 8.

The latest task of Bigg Boss 8 has become the talk of the town and this task it seems is the reason of growing differences among contestants.

Well, the task is over and the winners are declared but it is still not accepted by the inmates. We are talking about Sukirti Kandpal and Minissha Lambha who were in Pritam Singh’s team who loss the task. These girls feel Gautam Gulati is the reason behind their failure in the task.

It will be seen that Sukirti and Minissha will be talking about the Hijack task and Sukirti feels that their team was best when it came to defending but the next day when it came to offend the other team they were too bad. Just two-three girls were running around and trying to do the task was not helpful. There was no strategy amongst their team and so the result was a loss.

This can be seen that Pritam’s team is feeling bad about not being able to get entry in the new house.

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