Karishma Tannna will be soon appreciating Soni Sukirti and Natasha after Praneet makes her understand.

As seen till now Karishma Tanna’s change in behavior was quite evident in just a day after her team has won the task. Karishma was seen commenting on Soni Singh’s outfit and compared her with the maid when Soni was sweeping the garden area.

Soni felt insulted and later it was shown that the opposite inmates were discussing about Karishma’s rude behavior with Sukirti Kanpal and Natasa Stankovic.

But all of a sudden Karishma will be seen appreciating Sukirti Kandpal, Natasa Stankovic and Soni Singh that how they took stand for her when Gautam Gulati abused her on the National Television and thus issue between this girls were resolved.

Wondering how this happened and what made Karishma change her attitude again towards Sukirti, Natasa and Soni? Read on-

Well this change was brought by Shakuni mama aka Praneet Bhatt who acted as a peace maker amongst the girls. He made Karishma understand that how these girls took her stand in spite being in the opposite team. Thus Karishma will realize her mistake and will be seen appreciating them.

Will Praneet Bhatt succeed in maintaining this peace?

To know more keep reading the space.