As soon as the contestants enter Bigg Boss 8 house, inmates are suspecting something to be fishy with Arya.

The actual game of Bigg Boss 8 on Colors has begun with the Hijack task and finally the result is out. Deepshikha’s team has won the ‘Hijack’ task and has entered in the lavish house whereas Pritam Singh’s team is still living in the aircraft.

Thus in tonight’s episode, Deepshikha Nagpal’s team will be awestruck to see lavish house of Bigg Boss 8.

Soon after contestant settle down in the house, Bigg Boss will call Arya Babbar in the confession room for some random chat. As he is the first contestant called by the Bigg Boss, other contestant will have a doubt that he has been called for some secret task.

So when Arya will come out of the confession room, all other contestants will be curious to know what exactly Bigg Boss has told Arya. Even after telling the truth, Arya will questioned by housemates. It will be seen that Karishma Tanna will say to Arya that they are not fools to believe him.

Will housemates believe Arya? Is he assigned any secret task?

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