Bigg Boss house has become a battle ground to secure their place in the house where BFFs Gautam and Diandra have become enemies after a task.

The most popular show on Colors’ Bigg Boss 8 is gaining maximum attention with the entry of Bollywood’s heartthrob Hrithik Roshan and new controversies heating up in the show.

Initially when the show was started, it was seen that Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares became the BFF and fought with other inmates when questions were raised about their friendship and brewing closeness between them.

But soon things changed in a fraction of second when a task was assigned where these BFFs where in the opposite teams. There audience got to know that how strong is their friendship when they were so involved in the task to win forgetting their friendship.

When Gautam was indulged in a verbal spat with Karishma Tanna, all the inmates ignored him, Diandra who initially claimed to be his best friends were also with the inmates rather then supporting Gautam.

Here it is understood that it was Gautam’s fault and so she was with the inmates. But later it was seen that both cannot stand each other at all. Even though when all the issues were sorted out between Karishma and Gautam, and Gautam is now getting along with the housemates. Still there the hatred is maintain between the duo.

Thus in tonight episodes Diandra’s hatred towards Gautam will be seen when she will tell in front of the camera that Gautam is psycho and if she befriends with Gautam, then later when she will go out of the house, she will be slapped from her father.

How true is that Diandra? Has Gautam really created such an image?

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