After light green, its pink for Diandra Soares in Bigg Boss 8.

Colors Bigg Boss 8 have always been in news be it for the Karishma Tanna – Gautam Gulati controversy or the ‘family’ bond between the inmates. The show has showcased it all in just two weeks.

Among the other contestants, Diandra Soares has been fascinated and captured a lot of viewers attention be it because of her bossy nature or more precisely for her colorful hair.

Well, the show has seen a lot of ups and downs and also at times left the viewers as well as the inmates in surprise. This time around, it is not Bigg Boss that will leave the audience in surprise but Diandra.

Up until now, we have seen Diandra flaunting her light green color hair, but the viewers will see her in candy flossed hair i.e Pink. And yes, the picture up speaks everything about her new look.

After pink, we wonder which color next will be on your list.

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