After a much heated argument, Arya later apologized to everyone in Colors’ popular reality show Bigg Boss 8.

It’s certainly not an easy deal for the contestants of Colors’ popular reality show Bigg Boss 8 to deal with their inmates while there are differences in their thoughts. This is what leads to fights and controversies in the house.

Now, we came to know that Arya Babbar and Praneet Bhatt will indulge into an argument over a scissor because Arya lied to everyone for the purpose of using the scissors.

We heard that, “Arya asked Minissha to lend him a pair of scissors as he wanted to cut an uneven strand of his hair. Minissha told Arya that her scissors are kept in the wash room. Arya asked Minissha to secretly bring him the scissors that are kept in the kitchen. Now, this was the trigger for a fight in the house after Minissha get the scissors from the kitchen for Arya and Praneet sees her. Praneet Bhatt raised the issue before the fellow contestants because recently when he had done the same thing by using the scissors for his personal use then the other inmates have gone against his act raising the question of personal hygiene which led to a huge argument.”

Further we also heard that, “Arya lied to Diandra (Diandra Soares) and Upen Patel that Minissha wanted to cut a loose thread that’s why she used the scissor. He did not reveal the truth because Arya suffers from hair psoriasis and it might have caused infection but Minissha told Praneet the truth when he asked her. Eventually, Praneet becomes upset after knowing that Aarya lied to everyone and he confronts him. Followed by some arguments Arya further apologized for lying.”

How far their fight will go? Will Arya and Praneet resolve their differences or will it continue as a cold war? Only time will tell.