The controversial reality show has been giving other shows a run for their money. That’s old news, right? But when the Colors’ baby recently had a reboot as Bigg Boss Halla Bol, everybody sat up and took notice…because of the Bigg hungamas on the show. From fights to abuses to affairs to enmity, the house has seen it all. With just a couple of weeks to go before the winner is announced, we take a look at the stunts on the show that have sent the TRPs soaring…read on:

Upen’s proposal to Karishma:

The model-turned-actor’s love for the striking lass may be real. But Upen Patel’s re-entry on the show and his proposal to Karishma Tanna reeks of publicity stunt. May be the makers wanted to cash in on his ‘affection’ for the loud-mouthed lady…sure looks like that, isn’t it? Despite Karishma being in a steady relationship with a businessman, Upen chose to propose to her. Hmm.

Gautam’s Ghajini act:

He is a certified nautanki, we are aware of that. But pulling an Aamir Khan aka Ghajini is taking things too far. It looks like a desperate attempt to grab eyeballs and remain in the spotlight. The unsaid rule inside the house is that whoever entertains the most (read: Brings in the TRPs), stays in the house. Gauti has tried every trick in the trade, from being cosy with Diandra to baring his chiseled torso, he has done it all.

Rahul and Dimpy’s face-off:

This is a trick the makers have used time and again to attract the audiences. Whether it was bringing together the divorced couple, Rajiv and Delnaz Paul, or the much-in-love pair of Apoorva Agnihotri and Shilpa Saklani, real life couples have always fascinated us. This season has Rahul and Dimpy Mahajan, whose marriage itself is a product of reality TV. With the two filing for divorce, it’s no wonder that they have been pitted against each other. Their dynamics, face-off and washing of dirty linen in public is the fodder required to push the TRPs up.

Sambhavna Seth:

Whatever she does, it’s for the camera. She is unnaturally (and unnecessarily) loud, to gain publicity. What she is not able to realise is that sometimes such stunts can make the audiences hate you because you’re not doing it for entertainment purposes. While Ali, Gautam and others behave in a certain fashion to remain in the limelight, Seth simply makes us gag with her appearance on the show.

Ajaz-Ali’s ugly fight:

One of the epic fights in the house that sent Ajaz out of the house! The ‘Ek Number’ entertainer picked a fight with singer-actor Ali and was evicted right away for his violent behaviour. The sudden eviction of the former inmate came as a huge shock as he was touted to be one of the finalists. While Ali milked the situation to his advantage, Ajaz was criticised for his misbehaviour.

Gautam-Karishma verbal duel:

Trust the female inmates to voice their opinions when a male contestant abuses a woman on the show. That’s exactly what happened when an irate Gautam verbally abused Karishma during a team task. While nobody said anything about Tanna smearing Gulati’s face with chilli powder, it was the latter’s abuses that catapulted him to fame (or rather infamy).

The Pritam-Dimpy dynamics:

In one of the tasks, both Dimpy and Pritam lost their cool and lashed out at each other, much to the amusement of others. It all started in the Hijack task, where Dimpy was trying to annoy the hell out of Pritam to make him lose the task. Pritam was so irked that he squeezed her hands tightly to make her stop poking him. She reacted violently by hurling choice abuses at him. Thus, started a math of abuses that saw the two being called into the confession room.

Ali-Sonali’s ‘knee’ issue:

Bigg Boss house faced a bit of a controversy when Sonali Raut accused Ali of touching her inappropriately. The singer-actor was branded as a sexual assaulter and his fellow inmates admonished him for his behaviour. He was called to the confession room and advised to behave appropriately in the house. While Raut has been evicted from the house, the entertainer has only become stronger, thanks to the controversy. Will he win the coveted prize?

Parineeti Chopra’s drama:

It was perhaps the most ridiculous prank ever. The talented actress came on the show to promote Kill Dill. But when she entered the house, she accused Ali of molesting her. Even though she later laughed it off saying it was a prank, the whole episode was rather cheap and below-the-belt.

Arya-Puneet fight:

It came as a huge shock to the audiences when Puneet Issar was evicted from the show for his violent behaviour. Audiences were surprised because Arya Babbar and Puneet have always been tight on the show, but when Arya accused the senior actor of being violent with him, the latter was thrown out of the house. Even though Issar came back on the show, his brand of violence could never be recreated by any other inmate.

Salman’s exit:

No, we are not talking about the exit that saw Farah Khan taking over the baton. But the one where Sallu left the show mid-way due to Karishma’s cry baby act. It may have been spontaneous or scripted, but Khan’s fans sure sent the TRPs up, up and up!

What is your take on the stunts happening in the house? Do you think they are for publicity purposes or genuine incidents ? Let us know right away…