One of the most controversial and TRP-grossing shows of the small screen, Bigg Boss, has reached a stagnant stage, many believe. With forced ‘banters’ and ‘arguments’, the reality show has become rather lackluster. We believe like the channel’s (Colors) other show, Khatron Ke Khiladi, Bigg Boss too should take a break and return in a new creativity filled avatar. Read on:

It’s Becoming Boring:

We have seen the contestants go through a gamut of emotions on the show, and are tired of their antics now. Since they have become rather obvious and it clearly looks like an attempt to grab eyeballs than genuinely entertain us, the show has become boring and dull. This season 2, despite the introduction of ‘challengers’ to spice things up, the interest level has been minimal compared to previous seasons.

Repetitive Tasks:

Bigg Boss tasks are legendary as they act as a fodder for all the trouble brewing among the inmates. But these days, even the tasks have lost their charm and look repetitive and ‘forced’. While being aggressive during tasks is understood, too much of anything is simply not done. It makes the contestants look silly and the audiences like a fool. We feel that the nominations where an inmate has to nominate another by throwing a dart is done to death. It might create tensions inside the house, but does nothing for the viewers. Time to revamp that a bit?

No Salman, No Dhamaal:

Till the time the Dabbang Khan was on the show, it had a different pulse and charisma. With him leaving it mid-way to focus on his film assignments, we are left with a very inexperienced and pretty tiring host in Farah Khan. While she is doing a good job of her given brief, she is no Salman Bhai. She lacks the spontaneity, the wit and the lure of the mega star. Guess nobody can teach you to be a superstar! Many viewers have lost interest in the show due to their favorite bhai’s exit. And reports suggest bhai might not host the next season of Bigg Boss. Well, guys convince him to return and don’t roll out another season without him.

Not-So-Great Contestants:

This year’s contestants are not that great or entertaining. In fact, they seem to have modelled themselves on past seasons’ favourites. Yes, we are referring to Karishma Tanna (a la Gauahar Khan) and her smooch-story with Upen Patel (like Gauahar’s with Kushal Tandon). Nobody likes to watch the same thing over and over again. Even if it screams of spice and controversy. Moreover, the new set of entrants aka challengers are also pretty dull. They are unnecessarily loud, whiny and *****y. Not cool, guys. Not cool. Bigg Boss over the years has got in some fantastic inmates. But somehow the casting has been rather bland this year. Take a chill pill, go on a break and hunt for the interesting lot next time.

Predictable With a Capital P:

Yes. Every action in the house can be predicted by a die-hard fan. Because we have seen the same or a variant of the same in almost every season of the show. We know when a contestant will hook up, break up, smooch and pick a fight. We know who will get evicted and why. It’s all so predictable. The Halla Bol should have ended about a month ago when it still had some of the charm left. Sigh.

Do you feel the show should take a break. And soon?

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