Farah Khan,ardent lover of Bigg Boss, in this interview with us, speaks on hosting Colors Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol, contestants and much more.

She is a ‘one of a kind’ woman – Choreographer, chat and dance reality show host, director as well as an actor. She has excelled in whatever she has taken up. Farah Khan – the name itself speaks a lot. We have already got a confirmation from her end about she taking up the responsibility of hosting Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol on her shoulders. Earlier we have seen Farah on shows like Dance India Dance, a chat show, Tere Mere Beach Mein and now Bigg Boss 8, something that she is experimenting with. Farah Khan is an ardent lover and follower of Bigg Boss, but now that she is stepping into Salman Khan’s shoe, it will be definitely something quite entertaining to look forward to.

In this chat with us, Farah Khan speaks about her love for Bigg Boss, the contestants and much more.

States Farah when asked her about taking up the challenge of hosting BB 08, “I think the first reason why the channel thought of taking me as a host is because Salman Khan was not available. I would like to clear this before it grows into a controversy. I have always been a huge fan of the show and Salman too as a host. Sometimes, they have also asked me to recommend people. I think my personality may be that I will be a little more frank, funny and I will be able to talk well with the contestants. Besides this, I completely know the ‘ins and outs’ of what they are doing. Maybe that is the reason why the channel approached me.”

Salman is always known for the dead pan humor he uses. He has always been straight forward when it comes to putting his point in front of the inmates. Now that it is Farah who will be hosting the show, she talks about the humor that will be witnessed. “My sense of humor just comes naturally, so not that I will control my humor. Definitely it is going to be funnier. The things that I want to tell them may not be straight but it will surely have some kind of humor to it.”

“Even if one of the most influential person was taking Salman’s place, there would have been a mixed reaction. Pressure is something I cannot take because I am a huge Bigg Boss fan. For me it is like going to the ‘Disneyland’ I want to make the entire journey an enjoyable one. I am not competing with him for the simple reason I cannot.” Talking about the mixed reaction she is getting from the masses.

Media as well as masses as viewers are flooded with the question of Salman being biased to the contestants every season. But what we cannot read between the lines is something that Farah can. “When I am watching the show as an audience, I feel he is being very human. He is not doing anything which is introvert and is deliberate. He says it what he feels from the heart. If he is looking biased is because of his human quality to like somebody, to have a favorite. I used to actually call him and tell him regarding the same. Talking about Bigg Boss, it actually works for anybody’s favor. Getting personal and not being objective is something that truly works.”

One day sitting in her room, watching the show and pass a comment like ‘how dare she?’ just like we do it with Salman, this is what will satisfy Farah. Doing something which is relatable to the audience is what she expects. With five known faces entering the house, people will definitely get to see a lot of mirch masala. “I think some of the good mirchi wala’s are entering which will make the show quite interesting. The current contestants are going to get very irritated with the ones that will enter soon in the show,” says Farah.

What the Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol set apart is the concept of Farah Ki Class that the viewers will get to see. Farah Ki Class will be like taking a class of what they have done and what they have not in the entire week.

We wishes this outstanding woman all the luck for her stint in Bigg Boss 8.