Senior contestant of Bigg Boss 8, Puneet Issar talks about his stay in the house with us.

One of the highly experienced actors in the filed of TV industry, Puneet Issar who was seen as a strong contender in a popular reality show Bigg Boss 8, was recently evicted. While he was a smart player and been neutral to the other contestants, unfortunately luck did not favor him and he was eliminated from the show.

In a chat with us, Puneet speaks about his journey with Bigg Boss, best inmate and more…

How was your experience in the Bigg Boss house?

I am glad to be a part of such a show which gave me a chance to change myself as a person. I have really learned a lot being inside that four walls. Those few months were the best time I have spent of my life and I am proud to say that I came out learning new things. After staying away from family for a long time I realized the importance of spending quality time with them.

Did you face any problems while your stay in the house?

Problems are bound to happen when you become a part of such a show, but I believe only in one funda, the more you suffer the more you become stronger.

According to you who should win the trophy?

I think Gautam Gulati deserves to be the winner of Bigg Boss because he is honest with what he does. The reason for choosing him is that he is not playing any game like others.

We heard negative comments about you from a few of the participants. What do you have to say about it?

It doesn’t matter to me if anyone speaks negative about me. I really feel pity on those people who got eliminated in the first nomination itself. I was nominated 13 times but its because of the audience’s support that I have reached so far.

Who was your best buddy in the house?

All participants were close to me but yes I share a good bonding with Pritam Singh, Praneet Bhatt, Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan and Gautam Gulati.

Share your bonding with Salman Khan?

Salman Khan is brilliant as a host. He is like a younger brother to me. I know him since a very long time and I really like his sense of humor. I completely enjoyed him as a host.

Some of the wild card entries have already made their way in the house, do you want say something on them?

I feel it is unfair for those who are in the house since a long time. I am happy that I am not a part of such an unfair thing, I am out of it on the right time.

Any message you would like to pass on to your fans?

I want thank the audience who supported me for my journey of Bigg Boss.