Recently Puneet Vashisht, before entering Bigg Boss, announced to the media that he would change the game completely. He also claimed that Shah Rukh, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar would bid to work with him after the show.

And tonight, when Salman would interact with the inmates, he will ask Puneet about his ‘bidding” statement.

The wild card contestant would be shocked at the confrontation, and immediately tell Salman that there is a difference between arrogance and pride. He will request Salman, that his statement should not be mistaken for arrogancy.

The bhai, Salman, in his inimitable style would reply that while he is not perceiving anything, he would like to clearly state that SRK has won the race and left him behind on this. Since Puneet has already worked with SRK in Josh, years back, Salman will say that unfortunately he lagged behind.

The ’embarrassed’ Puneet will then add that he has a lot to give to this industry, and since Salman is the king, he really wants to work with him.

If you think that left Salman flattered, you are mistaken.

After this, Salman would royally ignore Puneet and will not speak to him at all.


Watch the episode tonight to see the fun!!