The very cute Shivin Narang has seemed to have enthralled the television audience with his outstanding flair that he has over acting. He is currently seen to be acting on Star Plus’ Veera as Ranvijay. He did share some amazing facts about his fitness mantras. Have a look.

Personal fitness mantra?

I prefer running in a vast open expanse, it is a good way of keeping you fit.

Personal diet mantra?

One needs to have boiled eggs as it keeps you going throughout the day.

Are you a foodie?

Yes. I am a big time moody- foodie.

Exercise routine?

Jogging is a popular form of physical activity and thus jogging would be a number one option when it comes to exercise routines.

Are you a vegetarian or a non-veg?

I am a hard core non- vegetarian.

Favourite cuisine?

I love eating various types of Delhi food and also experimenting with it.

Favourite dish?

Butter chicken is my favourite dish.

A must on your breakfast table?

A boiled egg or omelette has always been a must on my breakfast table.

Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee?

I generally prefer having cold tea however with sugar.

Lunch generally consists of?

I prefer having a desi lunch. It generally consists of roti, dal, sabji and salad.

Dinner generally consists of?

Boiled chicken with roti.

Dessert delights?

It has to be chocolates without a doubt and sometimes a bowl of ice cream also would do.

My favourite drink (non-alcoholic)?

I’d always end up sipping over a cold smoothie since it’s the season of monsoon, it keeps me chilled out.

My favourite drink (alcoholic)?

I am a non alcoholic.

Most unusual dish I have tasted?

That feeling of dissatisfaction when you regret buying something you haven’t even tasted it. The same happened to me sometime back. I tasted a Japanese dish and it certainly had an unusual taste, best part I don’t even remember the name of it.

Experiment with food?

No. Cooking has never been my forte, experimenting is way too far behind.

On the streets I love to have?

On the streets one really cannot miss having pani puri.

Do you cook?

No. Not much, in fact I haven’t even tried.

Fitness tip?

One needs to give the impression of being confident in order to look good. At least that’s my mantra when it comes to fitness. Apart from that fitness freaks should involve stretching in their fitness routine, it brings out the best.