Time for some ‘fireworks’ session in Bigg Boss 9.

Kishwer Merchantt’s friend Kamya Punjabi, will be present in the show as a panellist and she would share her ‘inputs’ leaving the inmates fuming.

While interacting with the housemates, Kamya will mention that she is not very happy with Kishwer and Suyyash Rai’s conduct on Bigg Boss

Kamya is an ardent Bigg Boss viewer, and she gave them an outsider’s perspective on their conduct inside the house

Kamya expressed her disappointment with Kishwer for calling the other housemates ‘uneducated’ and ‘uncultured’.

Kamya told Kishwer that by calling names to others and her present behaviour in the house makes her look uncultured

This did not go down well with Kishwer and she seemed visibly upset and disturbed by Kamya’s comment

Well nothing can be hidden in the Bigg Boss house…don’t you think so?