The upcoming episodes of Zee TV’s Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi will get groovier in the coming days.

While we have been seeing Bhushan and Shreya encountering turbulence in their relationship, a senior member of the family will step in as peacemaker.

Bhushan’s mother will explain him the value of marriage and how one needs to compromise, adjust and also go an extra mile to resolve problems in the marriage. She will also tell him that love binds the relationship and he should take care of that.

An understanding Bhushan will then take the initiative to get Shreya back to home.

Informs a source, “On the other hand Shreya’s mother will brainwash her about how the members do not respect her and question her importance in the family. Shreya will then accompany him home but will try to explain him that how his family members consider her important and will try to create a barrier between his family and him.”

Will Bhushan encourage her thoughts and support her or will he explain her about her thoughts being negative towards the family?

Stay tuned to watch the entertaining track!