Akbar to wage war against Pratap with 30,000 men!

As of now we have seen some impeccable moments in Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap.

While Akbar is mobilizing army for the impending attack on Chittor’s fort with thousands of soldiers from Ajmer also joining in. Pratap is in talks with the commander having around thousand skilled soldiers.

In the upcoming track of the story, the audience will witness how Ajabe Punwar and all the other members will vacate the palace as Akbar will be all set to wage war against Pratap with 30,000 men!

A source stated, “The mighty Pratap will manage to ward off the attacks from Mughal’s army but soon there will be more attacks with cannons fired from Mughals army and coping up with Akbar will be a difficult proposition for Pratap and Udai Singh.”

Will Pratap be able to win the support of the skilled soldiers? How will Pratap defend his empire from Akbar?

Actor Krip Suri remained unavailable for comment.