The latest show on Life OK, Piya Rangrezz (Sphereorigins) have already started gaining popularity with its unique love story and gripping storyline.

Viewers have already witnessed that Shraddha (Kirtida Mistry) has already been married to Sher (Gaurav S Bajaj) as per Bhanvri Devi’s (Narayani Shastri) instructions and she also asked Shraddha to reveal about the truth of her marriage to Sher, with the intention of breaking their marriage.

A source shared, “In the coming episodes Shraddha will reveal the truth to Sher that she accepted him as Bhanvri Devi kidnapped her family and forced her to marry Sher. After learning about the truth Sher will be furious with his wife as well as his mother for forcing the bride to get into a relationship. Instead of throwing Shraddha out of his house he will vow that he will win over his wife with his love and will force her to accept him”.

With this development Bhanvri Devi’s plan will backfire on her making her more irked with her daughter-in-law. While on the other hand, Shraddha will be anxious about her future with Sher and will be worried about the well being of her family.

We tried reaching actress Kirtida for a comment but she remained unavailable.

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