Viewers of Laut Aao Trisha will see a major twist with Amrita essayed by Bhagyashree Patwardhan bidding adieu to the show.

Life OK’s Laut Aao Trisha produced by 24 Frames has off late seen some drastic developments in the show. Jai Kalra aka Prateek Swaika, Rishi Khurana aka Abhay and Abhilash Kumar aka Bobby bid adieu to the show for reasons known to all by now.

The development that we have received regarding the show is Bhagyashree Patwardhan who essays the role of Amrita Swaika leaving the show. The rumors of she leaving the show have been doing the rounds since a month now. Back then, it did not have much base. Well, like it is said, rumors too have a little truth in it.

Our source informs us, “Post Prateek’s death in the show, the makers thought of coming up with a new twist by bring in the with office politics. This eventually led to a lot of family drama and the essence of suspense and thriller was fading away. To bring back the suspense, makers thought of ending Amrita’s track in the show.”

Coming to the track now, “Amrita took over Prateek’s dream project. With the project’s success, the share prices too raised. Amrita in all her happiness, she decided to throw a party. During this party, an unknown killer comes in and murders Amrita. Now that she has died in the show, makers have planned to turn the story line in a way that people may largely see Sonali (Adita Wahi), Kushan (Ayaz Khan), Lavanya (Rajeshwari Sachdev) as a suspect and the person behind killing Amrita. Since the show will air till march for sure, some of the new entries too will be seen.”

When contacted Bhagyashree to confirm her exit, she remained unavailable.

Hmm… this surely is some interesting drama for the viewers.