Time for some interesting drama on &TV’s Bhagyalakshmi (Rashmi Sharma Productions) with Bhabhi Maa (Aruna Irani) hiding some dark secret with the family.

Although, Bhoomi (Simran Pareeinja) has got few hints about the secret but she is yet to find out the whole mystery.

Share a source, “Bhoomi will overhear Bhabhi Maa’s phone conversation where someone would be blackmailing her. She would also see few threat messages in Bhabhi Maa’s phone and will set out on a mission to find out what Bhabhi Maa has been hiding from her family.”

However, on the other hand Bhabhi Maa would also see Bhoomi with a random guy and she will get angry. She would think that her decision of not accepting Bhoomi as the rightful Bahu of the family was right.

Will Bhoomi find out the secret or she would fail to prove that she is the perfect bahu?

We called Simran she shared, “I won’t be able to share anything but there is a lot of drama coming up for the viewers to watch.”

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