You will not be able to take the promo out of your head for days.

When reports of Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon making a comeback to television and that too, together made headlines, fandoms of both the actors went gaga over the possibility.

And the makers have made sure that they live up to the expectations of the fans.

The promo starts with the couple meeting a panditji to know what their ‘haath ki lakeerein’ has in store for them. And the panditji unabashedly tells that they have issues in their marriage.

That is what triggers that side of Maya (Jennifer Winget), that none of us may want to see. And what follows is the disastrous outcome of what you saw in the promo.

Where on one side, Kushal Tandon exhibits his boyish charm, Jennifer impresses with her mind-boggling acting skills. But what really struck us was the end of the promo.

The audience was well aware of the fact that Jennifer would be portraying a grey shade in the show. But seeing her bring that character to life with her sharp acting chops just boggled us.

Jennifer once again proves that she can play any role that is assigned to her, not that we had a doubt about that. And Kushal has amazing screen presence in whatever little we saw of him in the promo.

As an on-screen couple, they fit each other perfectly. Kushal is hot, Jennifer is sexy and they are sure to set the screens blazing.
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