Its just the second week of Bigg Boss and the contestants are now showing their true colours!

Keith and Mandana were seen as the best jodi of the house. They were the ideal couple who were always willing to sacrifice for each other whenever needed. Even during the nominations, Keith and Mandana were arguing to nominate themselves while the other contestants wanted their partner to be nominated.

But now we saw Keith and Mandana in a completely different avatar! We are guessing that all the hatred they had for each other was compressed and let out yesterday.

So what is the Bigg Boss Keeda after all? The keeda has become like a tradition in the Bigg Boss house, which makes the contestants go up against their partner or the person whom they like the most.

Another example of the Keeda was seen last night when Suyash and Kishwer who seemed as the most secure couple in the house had a big fight and they have even started developing trust issues!

A wise man once said that if you put crabs in a tub, even if one crab is trying to get out of the tub, the others will pull it down. The same happens inside the Bigg Boss house. It is a whirlpool that sucks everyone in!