Kishwer Merchantt feels Bigg Boss has played unfair! Read on for her entire interview…

With a shocking mid week eviction, the strongest contestant of Colors’ ‘Bigg Boss 9- Double Trouble’, Kishwer Merchantt gets out of the house. Kishwer Merchantt walked out of the show with Rs.15,00,000/- just two weeks before the finale. We got in conversation with Kishwer, who feels her eviction was unfair and shares about her experience on the show, her equation with co-contestants and much more…

Have a look on the 9 things Kishwer revealed about, after coming out from the Bigg Boss house:-

1. Bigg Boss played unfair in the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task.

The most important task ‘Ticket to Finale’ was a crucial point in the game. While the ones who came out as the strongest, winning certain rounds, at end were put to toss. This is totally unfair! Me, Mandana Karimi and Prince Narula gave our best to reach this level but what were we offered in return, eviction? I understand ticket to finale is meant for one person but its unfair to compel the other one to leave the house.

2. It was a dramatic exit for me.

We were in the task for more than 32 hours! Even Bigg Boss knew that we won’t press the buzzer even if it required us to stay for two more days. But they can’t play with our health and so they asked us to take the decision within an hour. Though I wanted to be in the top 5, Bigg Boss compelled a dramatic exit for me.

3. I was stronger than Prince in the house.

Even though I knew that I was stronger than Prince in the house, but some way down the line, I also knew that he has a greater fan following. He has won two reality shows, so according to the voting system, he held a fair chance of being ahead of me and that 5 percent of additional fan following would surely make him win.

4. It was an emotional moment to leave the Bigg Boss house.

I definitely regretted the decision after leaving the house. In fact, I was scared to face my mother and Suyyash Rai. I got too emotional but when I called Suyyash, he told me that I came out in a better way. As the voting system is quite unpredictable, there can be any changes at any point of time in the eviction, at least mine was in a better way.

5. I am the second winner of Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble.

To feel good, I please myself by saying that I am the second winner of the show. As I have taken a fair part of the winning amount with me i.e. Rs.15,00,000/-.

6. Mandana Karimi does not deserve to win.

If I have to rate the remaining contestants, Prince Narula would definitely be on the top list, after him Keith Sequeira and then Priya, though she is involved in lot of fights but what I like about her is that she takes stand for herself and is opinionated. After her comes Rochelle Maria Rao and then Rishab Sinha (he is just an entertainer and never takes a stand) and last according to me is Mandana Karimi, who does not deserves to win at all.

7. Bigg Boss taught me to be a better human being.

Bigg Boss has brought some positive changes in me. Now I am a better human being and also have become more patient and can now control my anger in a subtle way. Performing tasks has increased my will power and have built my mental strength in a better way.

8. Had I been single, would have considered Ankit Gera.

Had I not been with Suyyash, and was supposed to pick up someone from the house, would have considered Ankit Gera, as I knew him from before the show and he is a good friend of mine.

9. I want my fans to understand, why I took such a drastic step.

After coming out from the show, I saw the response on social networking sites and was totally overwhelmed by it. I would like to thank my fans for all the love and support. I would also like to apologise to them if they are disappointed with my decision. But I want them to understand that the situation was different and I had to take a decision. However, at the end I am happy with the decision taken during tough circumstances.

Kishwer Merchantt you will surely be missed by the viewers, we wish you good luck for you further endeavours!!