Read on to find out who they are….

Bigg Boss 9- Double Trouble (Colors) brings in a new twist in the Nominations!! All the power lies with the new captain of Bigg Boss house- Priya Malik. It seems Priya has turned into the new Bigg Boss for the housemates now. From being the moderator of the house, to being the captain, and now enjoying this super power, Priya Malik has seen it all!

Bigg Boss has given Priya Malik the ultimate power of nominations. The names nominated by her would be the final names. This time no contestant would get any opportunity to nominate any contestant as Priya would be deciding the names all alone herself.

In today’s episode you will see the wrath of Priya Malik, who is now the captain of the house with two week’s immunity, taking the advantage of her power to settle her previous accounts and seek revenge with the contestants by directly nominating them.

Well taking out the suspense here, we reveal you the two names, which will be nominated for eviction this week.

Priya Malik will nominate Prince Narula and Digangana Suryavanshi for eviction.

Well, we understand Digangana’s name, as she is not keeping well these days nor is she a much active inmate in the house. But what could be the reason for nominating Prince, the strongest contender of the house?

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