The popular Colors show, ‘Bigg Boss Season 10’ had a relatively eventful week where several controversies took place, which included housemate, Navin Prakash getting injured and taken out of the house only to return with a padded shoulder.

And tonight will see another set of events getting unfolded. While, the precap has already showed the ‘Kushti’ (wrestling) task set to take place between housemates, Gaurav Chopraa-Manveer Gujjar and Bani J-Lopamudra Raut.

However, such a grueling task cannot be without a reward, can it? This wrestling task, too had a special prize.

Whoever would win the task would become the ‘sevak’ (caretaker) to the winner for the next 24 hours.

Woah! That’s a real prized one. Considering the people going at loggerheads do not like each other much, it would certainly be interesting to see how does the winner capitalize on this opportunity.