SAB TV’s Peterson Hill (Garima Productions) which has a family like bond amongst all will soon have a steamy fight between the males and females at the station.

It will all happen when a Gujrati couple comes to Peterson Hill station to board a train. The husband would gets his wife six hours prior to the station unknowingly due to which the couple starts fighting. Hearing them shouting everyone one around would gather to solve the crisis.

But interestingly, instead of solving the problem the argument would heat up which would lead the guys and girls to get against each other.

On the other hand Pinky (Sucheta Khanna) would be miffed with Kishorilal (Rohit Roy) on forgetting her mother’s birthday and plan to leave her house to go back to her moms place.

So will Pinky go back?

Well, definitely no. Kishorilal will remember her mom’s birthday and would also send her cake and flowers. She will call Pinky to thank and that’s how Pinky would learn about Kishorilal’s surprise.

So will the battle between the sexes create an impact between these lovers too?

We tried calling Sucheta but she remained unavailable to comment.

Watch this exciting episode in coming days on the show.