The actor made an effort to work upon his appearances in real for his reel character…

We have seen actors losing weight, gaining weight and even changing their appearances for their characters. Balika Vadhu (Colors) actor Karan Pahwa is the latest addition to the list of actors who have changed their appearances for their character demand for the show.

We hear that Karan became bald as it his character demanded that from him for the show Balika Vadhu and he is gaining appreciations for that. His original look was too innocent and chocolaty for the role. However, after going bald, the negative shade of the character came up nicely. Â

Karan says, “Many guys had backed out during the audition as the character demanded baldness. Going bald for me was not a problem at all; I was just worried about doing justice to the looks of Kundan. I heard people whispering that how can he look negative, he has such a chocolaty look.”

“At the end of the day, all went fine and I am happy to play Kundan,” concludes Karan.

Way to go Karan!