The current heartthrob of television, Karan Patel is popularly known for his cool attitude and bindaas nature!

The actor was at his natural best while playing the matches for Sony Entertainment Television’s Box Cricket League. During one of the matches, Karan’s team Jaipur Raj Joshiley was playing against Ajaz’s team Rowdy Bangalore.

Ajaz is quite infamous for grabbing eyeballs with his over-the-top stunts and comments. During the match as well, Ajaz kept on talking and would not stop at anything, irritating everyone around him. Not able to take his chattering anymore, Karan Patel was overheard saying that he desperately needs someone to get him a fevistick so that he can shut Ajaz’s mouth with it!

Well, we would really like to see him do that!

BCL will air soon.