It’s a big task for every boy to confront the girl’s dad and ask his daughter’s hand for marriage!! Well, this will exactly be the situation that Raj (Mishkat Varma), the male lead of Rajan Shahi’s Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya on Zee TV will face in the coming episodes!!

As per the ongoing track, Raj and Avni (Kaanchi Singh) are madly in love with each other. But they have been hiding their relationship from their parents. Avni cannot open up her love life before her father Suket (Rajeev Singh) after seeing the rejection that her brother Akshat (Waseem Mushtaq) and his wife Arpita (Nikita Agarwal) have gone through after being in love.

But now, situations will change. In tonight’s episode, Bhawna (Reena Kapoor) would take a stand and convince her husband Suket to accept Akshat and Arpita. With Suket finally melting down, Avni will foresee a good future with Raj. Hence she will prompt Raj to talk to her father about them being in love.

This way, the stage will be set for a confrontation between Raj and Suket.

Will Raj muster courage to talk about his love life to Suket?

Well, the answer will be a ‘No’. He will try his best to open up a conversation, but will feel terribly nervous. So Raj will decide to vent out his feelings in a letter and give it to Suket.

A source states, “Raj will pen down in details about his relationship with Avni, will confess his feeling for her in a letter. He will go ahead and give the letter to Suket.”

Will Suket read the letter? How will he react?

We tried calling Kaanchi Singh, but could not get through to her.

We hear that viewers can expect quite a lot of drama in the coming episodes.