Cute and pretty actress Kanchi Singh who plays Avni in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya talks about her character and much more in this conversation with us.

The pretty and adorable actress Kanchi Singh is gaining appreciation from the masses for her performance in Zee TV’s Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya. We got in touch with the young actress to know about her journey in the show, her bonding with co-stars and much more…

When asked Kanchi about how did she start her acting career she says, “I started my career a child actor and as a theater artist. As a lead Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya is my first show.”

So how has Kanchi’s journey been on the show? “It’s been wonderful. We have completed seven successful months and I am feeling lucky and honored to work with Director’s Kut production, it’s like a dream come true for me. It is rare to get selected in the first audition itself so I think Aur Pyaar… is like a fairy tale for me,” says Kanchi.

In anyway are Avni and Kanchi related? She avers, “I enjoy this character and I relate to Avni personally a lot because in real life also Kanchi is bubbly and innocent, she can’t differentiate between good and bad. I feel Kanchi and Avni go hand in hand.”

Talking about her bonding with everyone on the sets, Kanchi says, “Everybody is very sweet on the sets and I am lucky to have such an amazing team. Generally on the sets you find people back biting but I am glad we don’t have any such thing happening on our sets. We spend entire day together, we all eat lunch together and if we are doing outdoor shoots, we sit in each others vanity. We enjoy a lot not only on sets but also we go for outing, clubbing etc. Till now the equation is good.”

What are Kanchi’s interests apart from acting? “I love dancing. I am crazy behind dancing. You just start the music and I will start dancing, I always find opportunities to dance. Hence if I get an opportunity to participate in a reality show I would love to participate in that show,” she says.

Who inspires Kanchi in acting? She says, “Kangana Ranaut and Parineeti Chopra are my admirers. I feel they both are self made women. Kangana is not that educated but today whatever she is no one comes in her comparison in the terms of acting, dancing, and knowledge.”

Kanchi likes to spend her day with her friends whenever she gets an off as she says, “On the sets I don’t get time because I am continuously shooting but when I have an off I prefer to be at home I call my friends to spend some time with them.”

Kanchi says that she likes to learn and improve her acting skills by observing her senior co-stars, “I think I have improved a lot but I am still in the learning process as I am yet to learn few things. I have lot to learn from other actors of my show like Rajeev Singhjee, Reena Kapoor, Waseem Mushtaq Bhai. I observe them carefully to improve my acting skills.”

Lastly she concludes saying, “Chocolates and surprises makes me happy, I go crazy if someone give me surprise.”

We wish Kanchi all the best for her show!