The viewers of the show are in for a heartbreaking surprise AGAIN!

Star Plus’ Jaana Na Dil Se Door may not be popular on the TRP charts, but the show has its loyal audience. The show is also well known for the dramatic twists and turns that it incorporates from time to time, to keep the audience surprised and glued to the show. And one such twist will soon be seen on the show with Atharv dying… or not! Read on.

Dadaji has confessed his intent of hurting Vividha and Atharv as he feels that his daughter-in-law Suman (Smita Bansal) and grandson Ravish (Shashank Vyas) are unhappy with having Ramakant’s (his son) illegitimate family around. Dadaji also goes on to the extent of plotting to kill both Vividha and Atharv.

But what happens is very much unexpected. When Dadaji is about to hit Vividha, Atharv comes in to save her. And, that is when Dadaji hits Atharv on the head and pushes him into a nearby flowing river/stream. This is when Ravish reaches the spot with the police and gets Dadaji arrested.

The forces try to search for Atharv but are not able to find him and he is presumed to be dead. Ravish also conducts the last rites of Atharv, for his soul to rest in peace, as he had accepted Atharv as his brother (Atharv is Ravish’s half brother). All this while, Vividha and Sujata (Shilpa Tulaskar) believe that Atharv is alive and will come back soon.

Now that everything has fallen into place, Vividha will want to break her marriage with Ravish and move back home with Sujata. And Ravish agrees to Vividha’s demands.

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