We had earlier reported about Colors’ Uttaran (FilmFarm India) seeing a closure of the ongoing Pakistani track. We now have more details on the track ahead.

In the episodes to come, Asgar’s (Kripp Suri) revelation will happen wherein the entire family will get to know of his negative motives in life. This will lead to Asgar taking Meethi (Tina Dutta) to the embassy wherein he would have placed a bomb under Meethi’s dress. His motive would be to make her a live bomb, forcing a blast at the embassy.

However, Ashfaque (Sahil Phull) will get to know of Asgar’s plan. And with Akash (Mrunal Jain) being on the hunt for Meethi, Ashfaque and Akash will together go to the embassy to save Meethi.

We hear that in the process, Asgar will get killed, and Ashfaque will turn into the sacrificial lover, and will end up uniting Akash and Meethi.

We tried calling Mrunal and Tina, but could not reach them.

Watch for this high-voltage drama in Uttaran.