The current track of Humsafars (4 Lions Films) sees a lot of mysterious things happening in the house!

The upcoming episodes will see things getting much more spookier. Sahir’s mother Alvira (Vibha Chibber) will be in a state of shock when she sees the words ‘I will kill your son’ written on her dressing room mirror. The family will be hit by another bad news when they come to know Zeenat (Neha Janpandit) has gone missing midway while she was being brought home. However, when Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) is in her room thinking about how her life has changed post marriage, she sees someone lying on her bed covered in a blanket. Though completely scared, Arzoo musters up courage and decides to drag the blankets down only to find a lady sleeping on her bed – Zeenat!!

Zeenat opens her eyes and holds Arzoo’s wrist tightly, scaring her further. While everyone is relieved that Zeenat is safe and home, the mystery behind how she got here leaves everyone perplexed!

A new twist in the story comes when the doctor announces that she is still in coma and cannot move her body parts.

If Zeenat is still in coma, then how did she open her eyes and hold Arzoo’s hand? Is Zeenat hiding something?

Gear up for some exciting and thrilling time ahead in the show.