Arzoo to get locked up in the jail in Sony TV’s Humsafars owing to Anam’s evil plans.

Sony TV’s Humsafars produced by 4 Lions Films have already got a lot of acclamation from the viewers from its day one itself. Be it the cast or the fresh content it has to serve to the viewers, the show has done it all to impress its audience.

Well, the next interesting track that we have got for our readers, informs our source.

“Viewers will get to see that Anam (Payal Rohatgi) wants to take revenge from Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) owing to which she sends her to a club on the pretext of collecting samples. She informs Arzoo that Sahir (Harshad Chopra) has asked her to visit the club. However, there is a rave party going on there. Learning about this, Anam sends cops to the club to get Arzoo arrested. On the other hand, Zaki (Sehban Azim) who is supposed to go to the same club for a date comes to know regarding the rave party going on and hence cancels his date. He calls Arzoo and asks her to come for a drive with him but she says she is going to the club to collect the designs. On this, Zaki gets scared and runs to the club to save Arzoo. But eventually, both will get caught and end up in jail,” concludes the source.

Well, now this is an interesting track which our readers will be waiting to watch, haina?

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