With the big fat Indian wedding over, people must have been expecting some romance between Sahir (Harshad Chopda) and Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) in Sony Entertainment Television’s Humsafars, but sadly it won’t be the case.

The 4 Lions Films’ show which saw how the rich Sahir forced Arzoo in getting married to him. he had used all unfair means like blackmailing her and even threatening to kill her family lest she rejected the offer. This forced the girl in bowing down to his demands, but not before pledging on revenging every act of Sahir.

Shares a source, “Arzoo will now decide to let go off her emotional self and become a harsh person who will be only bothered about money; something similar to Sahir.”

Arzoo who will realise that being rich can only bring happiness in this selfish world will now turn a shrewd person ready to take on the world by all means. She will promise herself to earn a high position in the society to be able to stand against all audacity thrown upon her life by Sahir.

While walking on the blazing coals (as reported earlier) Arzoo will promise to kill the old naïve Arzoo and bring forward a cruel selfish Arzoo ahead.

Will Arzoo manage to do as promised? Will Sahir’s act change Arzoo?

We tried reaching Shivya but she remained unavailable to comment.