Viewers of Sony TV’s Humsafars will see some intriguing episodes between Arzoo and Sahir.

Sony TV’s Humsafars produced by 4 Lions Films has struck one such amazing chord with the viewers that they just cannot afford to miss any of the episodes – well, call it the good looking ensemble or the track that the makers are bringing in.

Well we are back again with one more track update on the show which will definitely leave the viewers stunned.

Our source adds in, “Viewers in the upcoming episodes will see Arzoo’s (Shivya Pathania) sisters telling her and making her realize that Arzoo is falling in love with Sahir (Harshad Chopra). We have already seen Sahir developing feelings for Arzoo and now with his wife coming into the frame, he was in a dilemma whether he should be with his wife or confess his feelings to Arzoo. Well on the contrary, Arzoo thinks to herself as to how can she fall for someone like Sahir who is – egoistic, rude et al. So what she does is she makes a deal with God saying if she really has some feelings for Sahir, let it rain so that she gets an indication from God. While she is walking on the road thinking about her dilemma, all of a sudden it starts raining and Sahir who is passing by sees Arzoo on the road; he gets out of the car and asks her to get into the car. This is for the first time viewers will see some feelings dwelling by Arzoo for Sahir.”

Well, this is one good thing that the viewers will love enjoying.

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