Viewers in the forthcoming episodes will see Arzoo getting in trouble in Humsafars on Sony TV.

Humsafars on Sony TV is surely loved by the viewers. With the track of maid getting killed and who the killer is, the story is becoming quite intriguing. This track marked the entry of Bharat Chawda as a police officer. Up till now, most of the family members have been the suspected as the maid’s killer.

Our source informs us, “Arzoo will be seen wondering that when she was in coma, Zeenat had held her hand. Zeenat may not have so good intentions. In the following episodes, viewers will see Zeenat (Neha Janpandit) accidentally falling into the pool. Seeing this, Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) rushes to her rescue. She is trying hard to pull her out of the pool. Just then enters the entire family with the police. All of them think Arzoo is trying to drown Zeenat and kill her.”

This is going to be one interesting watch for the viewers!

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