Viewers of Zee TV’s Maharakshak Aryan to witness Aryan winning over the bad of Murtika; show to end on January 31.

Zee TV’s Maharakshak Aryan is the first on channel based on super hero trilogy that showcases the good over the evil. Well this time, we have brought in some interesting track that the viewers will get to witness over the weekend.

Our source informs us, “Viewers in the episodes over the weekend will see Murtkia essayed by Aparna Kumar coming from ice land. Every time she goes any where, she freezes everything behind and leaves behind ice. When Aryan (Aakarshan Singh) gets to know regarding the same, he starts working on fixing everything. Well, in this case Murtika is playing the role of a villain and eventually Aryan kills Murtika for all the harassment that people had to face owing to Murtika’s deeds.”

Well, this surely is something very interesting that the viewers will love to watch.

Besides this, we have one more exclusive piece of news. Maharakshak Aryan which had commenced on November 1 will see its end on January 31 next year.