Finally Arjun will meet will recall his past by coincidentally meeting some one

Star Plus’s popular show Everest is being loved by the audience for its plot and the way it is being directed. The makers are putting lots of effort to make it better and better as the show is not able to grab much TRP rating.

The show has reached to the point where the actors in the show are all set to go on Everest mission. But mountaineers will soon face another hurdle in their long Everest journey to come.

As seen in the ongoing episode Rungta confronted Arjun for his past. But audience are still kept in dark about what exactly it is. Lets find out what are they.

As per our source, “Arjun will not turn up till the last announcement at the airport and everyone else will panic as Everest mission is not possible without Arjun. But for a sigh of relief, Arjun will each the airport just after the last call for their flight. Rungta (Rajat Kapoor) will rush towards him and will tell him that he is trying to protect him and will his past hidden from everyone. As he will head towards the wash room, one of the cleaning staff, Narayan, will recognize Arjun (Sahil Salathia) as his childhood friend from the orphanage. He will ignore him and will go inside the wash room. There he will recall his past that how Narayan and he were friends in orphanage. He will become quite emotional and will leave from their. As soon as he get out of the wash room he will again bumps into Narayan. Narayan will wish him luck and will move forward. And finally they all will get into the flight to go to the destination.”

More twist are awaited for the audience, till then keep reading the space.