Gear up for the high voltage in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ Shastri Sisters..

As per the current, Aastha tries to seduce Rohan, who pushes her away. Elsewhere, Kajal shares her happiness with Leela, who reminds her about the fast that Anu will keep tomorrow. In the meantime, Rohan informs Alka about the scene Aastha created at the hotel. Later on, Kajal puts fire on Minti’s dupatta and Anu is blamed for it.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Minty will tell Anu that she tired to kill her and will throw Anu out of the house. Same time Rajat will enter and Minty will tell Rajat “It’s good that you’re here , now you also should know the truth that Anu tried to kill me”.

Rajat will get shocked and will get into dilemma. Rajat refuse to believe Minty at all. Than Minty will tell him to ask Sareen. Sareen too seems upset and confused..

Anu will decide to leave the house. Rajat and Anu will go to Shastri house. They will tell everything to the Shastri. Here Kajal and Leela will be happy. Anu and Rajat will be determined to find the reason behind Anu’s health issues.

Kajal and Devyani will come face to face, Devyani will ask Kajal to shut up as Anu has told her all about her…